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In the UK, opens museum of the famous guitar virtuoso

In the UK, opens museum of the famous guitar virtuoso

In London , Brook Street, 23, is the former apartment of Jimi Hendrix, which will be the house-museum of the legendary American rock guitarist. Hendrix lived in this house since 1968, it hosted the last period of his very short life. The apartment will house a permanent exhibition and gallery. For this purpose, the UK government is willing to provide million grant. 

Even during his lifetime, Hendrix called a genius of music. He lived only 27 years, on the big stage only spent less than five years, but had a lot in that time. Critics point out that Hendrix actually changed the face of rock music, expanding the range of possibilities of electric guitar. Not by chance that in 2009 the influential American magazine «Time» Hendrix named greatest guitarist of all time. He also was a famous singer and composer. 

Creativity is not forgotten Hendrix music lovers continue to go out of his works. For example, in 2010, went undiscovered recording «Valleys of Neptune», in 2011 - a collection of «Winterland», in 2013 - recording «People, Hell & Angels». Today in the apartment Hendrix is almost nothing like the famous musician, however, his many admirers from around the world regularly visit Brook Street and ask for permission to inspect the premises. 

In 2010, the house has already passed Jimi Hendrix exhibition for the 40th anniversary of his death, which demonstrated his lyrics, guitar, clothing, clothes and other personal belongings. The exhibition attracted great interest, especially among fans of rock guitarist. 

Browse the intersection of lines of history: from the famous Hendrix in the 18th century more than thirty years there was a great German and English composer George Frideric Handel. Now Brook Street works museum dedicated to him. Moreover, the apartment where Hendrix lived, is the administrative location of the museum. Guitarist biographers say that he knew about living next to the apartment of the famous colleagues. Moreover, the work of Handel rendered him strong inspirational impact. 

Initiators Hendrix museum plan to combine it with the Handel House Museum and make a single art space. Handel museum director said that he had long wanted to do and exposure after an American guitarist. Architectural bureau «Haines Phillips», created this original project, believes that the new museum will be one of the most interesting in the British capital.  

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