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Exhibition of sand sculptures in Brighton

Exhibition of sand sculptures in Brighton

Amazing festival, where you can see the legends of rock music in an unusual performance opened in Brighton . The originality of the exhibition is that here presents sculptures of musicians created from sand. In previous years, the sand sculptures were different thematic direction, and that in 2013 the organizers of the festival of sand sculptures dedicated rock musicians. The local beach was brought about four thousand tons of sand, which became the working material for 20 artists. 

How to make a sculpture, what is the secret of its manufacture? First and foremost, need water and sand, and most importantly - imagination, imagination and ability to work with professional sand. 

There is a hypothesis that the first sand sculpture first appeared in ancient Egypt. If we compare the modern techniques of building sand sculptures with those used in ancient times, they do not differ much, pretty simple, and so can be mastered by all comers. 

Nowadays, using the correct grade of sand and appropriate technology, you can create any form of sculpture. But what kind of sand is used for such work? It turns out that it is only at first glance all the sand is the same, but to build high, multifaceted form of sculpture, you need a special kind of sand. Authors sculptures very carefully control the size and shape of the grains, the composition of the sand, because it can be inorganic or organic. Ideal for sand sculpture consists of sand angular shape. This form of sandy crystals allows less eroded eroding and sculptural creations. If it starts to rain, the sand sculptures of this quality does not change their form, and stored in the primary form, as the sand absorbs moisture. Over time, the moisture evaporates and thus remains unchanged form sculpting. 

Visitors to the festival will see an unusually realistic sculptural portraits of Bob Marley, the legendary band members «Beatles», musicians, Led Zeppelin and many other celebrities of rock 'n' roll. Exhibition of sand sculptures in Brighton until 30 September.  

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