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Opened a new museum in Britain

Opened a new museum in Britain

In Historic Dockyard Portsmouth recently opened a new museum, the exhibition is devoted to the ancient ship Mary Rose. Place for it was not chosen by chance - is near nelsonovskogo flagship «HMS Victory» and some other ships of the Royal Navy. 

Mary Rose - a warship of the 16th century, which survived until our days. In the 16th century during the 33 years it has served as a ship in the fleet of King Henry VIII. The ship was the pride of the British Royal Navy. However, in 1545 during a battle with the French fleet was defeated and he sank. Subsequently, through the 437 years the wreck was discovered by divers on the seabed. In 1982 the rise was implemented this grand historic vessel. 

The British company Wilkinson Eyre Architects redesigned the museum. The total cost of the project amounted to more than 40,000 euros. In wooden building museum embedded elliptical shape of the ship. Walls painted black - such numbers had traditional shelters for ships in England, set a disk-shaped metal roof that curves over the building. Starboard hull placed in a chamber with controlled temperature in the center of the building. The ship itself is visible through internal windows on 3 different floors. Interiors as developed by the London firm Pringle Brandon Perkins + Will, recreated the dark atmosphere of the closed space, is identical to the mood of the entire decoration of the schooner. Space museum favorably low ceilings and lighting, which is aimed at the exhibits and handrails. 

Every object that is represented in the new museum, was raised from the seabed. Besides the ship, the ship presented many items sailors and officers dishes, books, clothing, musical instruments. The work of scientists involved in the study of DNA contributed to the fact that the opportunity to create portraits of people who served on the Mary Rose. 

Admirers of stories known ships and schooners past here will be especially interesting. In the museum you can feel the atmosphere of the time, for some time to introduce ourselves naval officer or ordinary seaman of this legendary ship.

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