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British hotel on the water: retreat, beauty sunsets

British hotel on the water: retreat, beauty sunsets

In the UK, there is a hotel on the water. Naval fort «Spitbank», which has a history of over 150 years, has now become a hotel. In the mid-19th century near Portsmouth on the orders of Lord Palmerston three forts were built to protect the British naval forces of French troops led by Napoleon III. Before our time building survived in good condition, but the military virtues no longer possess. Enterprising businessman Michael Klare with permission of the British Government decided to convert forts. The territory of one of them will be open naval museum, another fort become a spa resort, and «Spitbank» has turned into an exclusive comfortable hotel.

On the reconstruction of the building «Spitbank» was spent 4.7 million dollars. Now on the hotel area of 7,000 square feet, there are eight rooms in a classic style and spirit of modern classics. A restaurant with delicious dishes to order, a bar with a wide selection of cocktails, including alcoholic and procedures at the spa, recreation room, outdoor swimming pool, billiard room. It offers [beautiful view] on the English Channel, the Cape of St. Catherine and the Isle of Wight. Windows are made ​​on special order from the wood that is resistant to seawater. Breakfast and lunch offered on the roof of the lighthouse. And right from the deck of "floating" hotel you can dive into the clear water surface soothing! Romantic mood is guaranteed!

Fancy hotels with the intricacies of architectural styles, or the location of the original are becoming increasingly popular in the world. In the UK, for example, you can find a hotel on the water tower, the hotel-sand castle hotel in the funky and glamor, and other interesting examples of imagination. Rightful place among lovers of unconventional holiday close to nature occupy hotels on the water. They are in Venice , Prague , Amsterdam , Belgrade, Edinburgh , on the Maldives and elsewhere. In Britain, gained a special reputation submarine-themed hotel in Liverpool, which is dedicated to the legendary group "The Beatles." I think, and a new hotel on the water near Portsmouth is sure to impress fans of secluded relaxation, luxury, bright colors and strong impressions. 

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Date: 07 June 2013
Stats for 2012-2013, indicates that tourism - one of the leading sectors of the UK economy, one of the largest providers of foreign exchange.

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