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"Downton Abbey" can be seen not only in the movies. Do not miss it!

"Downton Abbey" can be seen not only in the movies. Do not miss it!

"Downton Abbey" periodically available not only film and the viewer, but also tourists. Highclere Castle, gained worldwide fame through the TV series "Downton Abbey" from time to time it opens its doors and secrets for moviegoers travelers. For example, it was opened in the first week of October, and visitors could see for interior, living room, bedroom and other rooms where they filmed the show. The castle is also used for large weddings. But it happens occasionally, because it lives surrounded by family at the nine servants. 

The ancient castle is an interesting story. Highclere is located in the county of Hampshire, which is 80 kilometers from London. In the 17th century this is based on an old, almost completely destroyed the palace castle was built for an aristocratic family Carnarvon. In the 19th century building was rebuilt under the direction of Charles Barry - famous British architect, most famous for his project to rebuild the Palace of Westminster in London. Barry sympathized with the Italian Renaissance style, and this is reflected in a very original form of Anglo-Italian castle. 

Facade Highclere Castle today is impressive. Can not be said about many of its rooms, in need of repair. It is estimated that the need for the restoration of about 12 million pounds. 

Castle often resides in the role of cinematic playground. Since the 80s of the last century here to shoot scenes of movies. For example, you can recall the famous TV series "Agatha Christie". Filming "Downton Abbey" are from 2010. British TV series by Julian Fellowes script displays an atmosphere of "good old England" from the early 20th century, and then the vicissitudes of the First World War. As the characters in the entourage of well manifested remarkable spirit of the times, traditions and trends of the era. 

The film has caused huge interest viewers. In the United States alone, the series premiere of America looked about seven million people. In 2011 the film was voted the prestigious American television "Emmy" best miniseries. Of "Downton Abbey" written books filmstrip so widely and thoroughly discussed by critics in 2011 entered as such in the Guinness Book of Records. At the moment, there are already three series of the season. 

Today's world is become much more popular filming location for travel to popular films. Tourists have the opportunity to visit behind the scenes and "Downton Abbey." To do this, you need to carefully follow the schedule of rare "castle" excursions. 

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