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Manchester: Beckham scored on balls tell Exhibition

Manchester: Beckham scored on balls tell Exhibition

In Manchester in the museum of the popular worldwide football club "Manchester United" opens exhibition dedicated famed footballer David Beckham. The exhibition will be open throughout the year. 

Recently finished performances Beckham was the glory of the English football world, one of the highest paid players on the planet, the champion of England field players on the number of matches played. His game, especially the free-kick in his performance, admired by millions of people. David acted not only for the "Manchester United", but also for such well-known clubs like the "Real Madrid", "Milan", "Paris Saint-Germain." However, more than all, his name is associated with "Manchester United".  

His first contract with the famous club David signed another 14-year-old. At age 17, he had already made ​​his debut in the team. In the "Manchester United" Beckham spent ten years, 265 matches, with whom he won the Champions League, Intercontinental Cup, was six times champion championship of England, twice won the FA Cup. Beckham - this is a huge selling T-shirts with his number and name game, a sharp increase in the number of sales of season tickets and tickets for football matches with his participation. 

Beckham's fame has long gone beyond the football field. He is filming a commercial, produces clothing and perfumes, a regular guest fashion magazines and gossip columns character. Beckham's book «My side» in home libraries of many people. 

Visitors to the museum can see football medals, T-shirts, which he performed in the most important matches, watch the history of its fashion hairstyles on screen portraits. In addition, there are interactive entertainment. For example, football fans can try to guess which part of the gate will be punching Beckham penalty, can be "a penalty" and themselves. 

In the museum you can get acquainted with a long history of the club, information about other football stars who played at different times for "Manchester United". In the hall of trophies numerous club awards - trophies and medals. Museum archives tell us about all the matches held "Manchester United" since its inception (1908). 

Of the museum are the famous stadium "Old Trafford", which holds its home matches team. For more information about the exhibits and tours can be found on the club's website. Tours must be booked in advance. 

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