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Channel Tunnel

Channel Tunnel

Project of the joint continental Europe and England was proposed by Napoleon. In the 18th century, this idea seemed like an impossible fantasy, because it is envisaged that under the ocean waters have flooded the tunnel with pipes for ventilation will take horse-drawn carriages. In today's project became more real, but due to political turmoil and large financial outlay construction has been postponed several times.

Double-track tunnel 51 km in length was laid under the English Channel in the late 20th century. Railway scuba message was a miracle of modern engineering and a symbol of the unification of Europe.

Along the railway line Nord Europe for 2 hours 15 minutes to get from Paris to London. Also carried freight. Between the French and British Kalé Folkestone runs freight train transporting passengers with cars.

From the UK Eurotunnel is located in the direction of the town of Folkestone, on the junction 11A c Pull off the M20. On the French side - from the town at the junction 42 Kalé need to pull off the A16 motorway.


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