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Richard Deacon in Tate Britain, London


London gallery Tate Britain from February 5 to April 27, 2014 opens a major exhibition by British sculptor and winner of the prestigious Turner Prize - Richard Deacon. 

The exhibition attended 40 of his works to be exhibited in chronological order, some of them are as early masterworks 1970 and later works of the XXI century.  

Deacon unique sculptures is that the modern artist in his work uses unusual materials to create these works: linoleum, leather, laminated wood, chipboard, kortenovuyu steel, ceramics, textiles, combining organic forms and engineering technology. 

Deacon career lasting more than four decades, and every year, with each touch of the materials, whether they are flexible or solid, it creates true works of art. 

One of the main exhibits on display will be the famous snake sculpture made ​​of wood, the giant size. But other than that you expect a lot of amazing creations. 

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Start: 25 February 2014
End: 26 May 2014
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