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Christ Church, Oxford

Christ Church College - one of the oldest colleges of Oxford University, founded by Cardinal Thomas Wolsey in 1525. College is one of the most visited attractions in the city, as well as over 500 years remains one of the main educational institutions in England. Among its graduates - many of art and science, politics and theology.

The main decoration of the College and its Chapel - Church of Christ Church with its stained glass windows, Gothic arches and wooden fan-beams. Majestic cathedral is the church of the Anglican Diocese of Oxford. Worth attention and Gallery, which hosts a variety of exhibitions.

Amazing architectural creation also popular thanks to one well-known story. English writer Lewis Carroll, a college graduate, created the "Alice in Wonderland" here being a lecturer in mathematics. Within the walls of the college was filmed partly modern "Alice." Many scenes from the series of Harry Potter films were also filmed at the College Church of Christ.

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