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The Roman Baths in Bath

Roman Baths in the English city of Bath is a museum and historical complex, to which the Roman temple, a sacred spring, baths and a museum. In the 18th century, the town experienced its heyday Bath - relax on the healing springs it was fashionable among the aristocracy. During the construction of the resort were found ancient terms. At great depth in the limestone layers of water is heated to an average of 46 ° C. Rising to the surface through cracks and fissures, it forms a hot mineral springs, which since ancient times revered as sacred.

Renovated Aquae Sulis swimming complex today is the main attraction of the city. Best time to visit - November to April. Pump Room restaurant water can be drunk straight from the fountain in its composition many minerals. Various artifacts of the Roman era represented in the museum complex.

Roman Baths in Bath is one of the best preserved ancient term for mineral waters, which are now incredibly popular among tourists. At the baths opened a modern spa, where treatments are used for thermal water, mud, hot baths and aromatherapy.

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