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Falkland Islands overseas territory, United Kingdom

An archipelago of the Falkland Islands is located in the Atlantic Ocean, not far from the eastern coast of Argentina. These include two big islands – West Falkland and East Falkland – surrounded by more than 770 smaller islands. The archipelago is a self-governing British overseas territory with its population primarily consisting of British and Chilean descendants. A small town of Stanley is the capital of the Falklands. The grandest attractions of the town are the Government House, which is the residence of the governor, and a few museums. Places of armed conflict between Argentina and Great Britain for the control under the Falkland Islands are also memorable. The scenic city Port Louis with its reach history is the oldest settlement on the island.
Tourists are led to the sparsely populated Falkland Islands, that are full of adventures and new discoveries, by their, so often searched today, virgin nature and quite private rest. The islands have all possibilities for active rest too. You can attend sports clubs, go swimming or yachting. Every year, various sport competitions are held here. Walking and equestrian tours routed throughout most picturesque places of the islands should be especially mentioned. You can also rent a car. Next to major populated places you can find camp sites.
The Falklands are the place of inhabitation of a huge population of penguins. Most people come there to see these funny birds. Sea lions and sea elephants, albatrosses, Magellan geese and other species are found on this seashore. Those who love fishing will be inspired by a great catch of trout, mullet and tuna in the Murrell River. Fish and seafood base the fine Falkland cuisine. Locals craft accessories from semi-precious stones, and goods of wool, which can be bought as souvenirs.
The best time to attend the Falkland Islands is from October till April, when there is summer there. Due to the very uncertain weather, it’s recommended to take in such journey not only warm clothes but a sun hat too. Visa for entrance can be claimed at the Great Britain Embassy. As a rule, visa isn’t necessary for a short term stay during a cruise. A majority of tourists come to the islands by cruise liners. The islands can be reached by direct flight from the British military base in Oxfordshire or through Punta Arenas in Chile. The archipelago international airport is situated in 48 kilometres of Stanley on the territory of Mount Pleasant Royal Air Force station.

Administrative division — Falkland Islands overseas territory

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