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The British Museum is the second most visited museum in the world


According to social research, visiting museums’ collections is gaining popularity among different social groups. According to the results of 2013, the famous British Museum located in London is the second most visited museum in the world. Last year, the museum was visited by 6.7 million tourists and Londoners. This is also a new record for the museum itself. This famous destination is one of the largest museums in the world and one of the main symbols of the United Kingdom; it is included in almost all the major tourist routes in the country.

The British are proud to have the grand museum, where the best works of art of the human history are kept. Its collections reflect the spirit of ages and contribution to the world heritage fund.

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Date: 14 May 2014
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Date: 27 January 2014
In London, Brook Street, 23, is the former apartment of Jimi Hendrix, which will be the house-museum of the legendary American rock guitarist.

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